Sunday, May 25, 2014

One Last Thing before I Go by Jonathan Tropper(Read 5/19-5/23)


This was a book from my other book club that I missed, so when I finished The Wind Through the Keyhole so quickly I decided to pick it up and have a go.  This is the story of Drew Silver, a loser.  He was in a band with a hit song, the the band broke up.  He was in a marriage, then the marriage broke up.  Now he lives a lonely depressing life, and to top it off he finds out he is dying and his daughter is pregnant.  Silver must struggle with the relationships in his life and try to mend some of his mistakes, while deciding if he wants to fight for his life, or just accept his death.

Surprisingly, this was a page turner, there were times when I couldn’t put it down.  I really thought in the first chapter of so when I was reading about the disaster that was Silver’s life that this would be depressing and an awful read.  But the writing was wonderful, there was an easy flow to the storytelling, nothing fancy, just a good story well written.  I think the fact that all the characters in the book are so flawed and broken, makes them relatable and loveable.

There was a great rhythm in both the writing and the storyline.  There were no super fast or thrilling sections of the book, but neither were there slow sections.  You just rolled along at a happy place, and often I found that I was rolling so well that I couldn’t find a place to stop.    I’m not afraid to say that this book made me cry at some parts, they were just so well written and touching.  I didn’t have any laugh out loud moments, but those are much harder for a book to get from me.  I did quietly chuckle once or twice though.

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