Sunday, May 25, 2014

The Wind through the Keyhole (Dark Tower #5) by Stephen King (Read 5/11-5/19)

The Wind Through the Keyhole

Next up in the BOTM series, Stephen Kings The Wind through the Keyhole.  This was a new read for me, since it was published after I read the series the last time.   It was refreshing to read something new.  It was when I mentioned that in my book club that I realized this book was published after he series had been completed.

This story picks up after Roland and the crew leave the tower in wizard and glass.  They encounter this crazy storm called a starkbast, it is a deadly ice storm, but worse.  While they wait the storm out, Roland tells another story of his youth, in which he chases a “skin-man.”  While on the hunt for the “skin-man” Roland and his companion Jaime find a young survivor Bill Streeter.  Bill is scared and Roland tells him a story from his childhood, the story of Tim Stoutheart.

This was a super quick read, which was a very nice change after Wizard and Glass, my book club split the reading up over two weeks half one week half the next.  In actuality though, I read this whole thing in two days. 

It was fun and light for a tower book, and we got to hear a fun fairy tale for Gilead.  Which left me wanting to hear the rest of the Tim Stoutheart tales.  king’s writing wasn’t as heavy as in Wizard and Glass, and this is a nice bridge between Wizard and Glass and Wolves of Calla.

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