Sunday, August 18, 2013

Unfaithful Wives by Orrie Hitt

This was a random selection from my free Nook ebooks.  I thought this was a weird crime fiction novel.  It is pure pulp fiction.  It is written and set in 1956.  The characters are very dated and classic.  There are lots of characters, whose lives all intertwine.  No one is faithful, not even to themselves.
A man, Fred Sharpe, has an affair/one night stand with Sandra Thomas.  He comes to regret this indiscretion, especially once Sandra turns up murdered.  Fred is married to Rita, who is having an affair with Norman Williams.  Norman is using Rita for cad, but is in love with Betty.  Rita then accuses Fred of killing Sandra, and a whole mess begins. The story it's all about trying to untangle the web that has been created, and no one gets a happy ending.  Very strange book.