Friday, May 23, 2014

Wizard and Glass (Dark Tower #4) by Stephen King (Read 4/22/14 to 5/11/14)


BOTM continues with the Tower series, the fourth installment is Wizard and Glass.  This is one of my least favorite in the tower series.  It is slow and I just can’t seem to get into the storyline. 

This is the story of Roland’s first mission as a gunslinger and his first love.  Roland and the others have found a strange glass tower in the Stand’s Topeka, before they enter the tower, Roland tells a story.  As a reader I found myself caught up in the a story that Roland is telling his Ka-Tet.  I love hear about Roland as a youth, but for some reason King’s writing just makes it drag.  So I flip flop between loving and hating the storyline.

Roland and two of his friends, Alain and Cuthbert are sent to the Outer Barony of Mejis.  On his first night, Roland meets Susan, his first love and I think is only true love.  And that chance meeting sets off a whole series of events that change and shape Roland into the Gunslinger he is.  We are able to see the coldness and talent, tampered some by youth.  And Roland makes mistakes, not many, but sadly the ones he makes cost him dearly. 

Like I said before I like to hear about Roland’s youth, it gives Roland a human side.  But both the first time I read this book and again this time, I just found the writing dull.  I love the characters and the insight, but it takes me forever to read and feels like a chore.  And I’m not sure why.  It is a must read for the series, but I wish King had written it better.

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