Monday, May 25, 2015

Hidden in Paris by Corine Gantz (read 4/25/15 to 5/1/15)

This book was okay. The writing was good, which always makes the reading easier when the storyline isn't always the best. The writer states this was self published in there may have been typos, thankfully there were any I didn't notice. The characters were incomplete , but could have been really good if flushed out.  Everything did wrap up an awfully nice bow at the end though. Everyone got their man to move towards happily ever after. That classifies this is a romance to me, it was a bit disappointing.   Also the author focus a lot of time and energy on the first month, then the remaining six months flew by with barely anything. I don't think she did a bad thing and spending more time on this months me slowed the storyline to crawl, but felt unbalanced to me.

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