Monday, May 25, 2015

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking Glass by LewisCarroll (read 4/1/15 to 3/12/15)

This book made me do something I haven't done in ages, write notes in margins and highlight passages.  I recognize most events and Alice in Wonderland and a few from Through the Looking Glass. Looking Glass was really hard to get through, story line was more nonsensical then Wonderland.  It just didn't hold my attention. I'm sure I will read this to my kids though. Great coming-of-age story for the growth of Alice from a child to an adult completely eluded me though.  It was a fun light read, that seemed whimsical and silly, exactly something my 6 year old would love.  The idea that this talks about growing up and a child's perception of the world through aging eyes is just as nonsensical to me as the story itself.  I liked it, I just couldn't see the underlying message.  I think that if I read it again to my kids for just the story and not for a hidden meaning, I will enjoy it more

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