Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Witch of the North by Courtway Jones (June 2013)

This is a selection from my BOTM club, series edition. This is the second in a trilogy about King Arthur.  This installment follows the life of Morgan l Fey, Arthur’s half sister.  For some reason I didn't find Morgan as enthralling as Pelleas (In the Shadow of the Oak King). Her story really reminded me of Irene Radford's series which is from the point of view of Merlin's daughter. Don't get me wrong I still thought it was good, but I like the first book better.
Jones has Morgan’s love interest being her cousin Gawain, and they never seem to get their timing right, unlike Pelleas and Nithe.  I actually wish Morgan and Gawain had gotten together, I think Morgan would have had a happier life. Gawain would have been more understanding and a better knight.  
As a side note I was pleasantly surprised that Morgan kept mentioning Queen Boudicca. I actually have a book about her in my to read pile, she has moved up higher on that pile.
Tthe third part of the book is a quick read but nothing worth writing home about.  Besides everybody dies and most in a stupid pointless way. There weren't even enough events besides death to help me with the timelines. I have no idea when things happened in the third part. Not so happy with this part, hoping the third book takes me back to my happy place of the first.

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