Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Practical Magic by Alice Hoffman

It seemed appropriate to be reading practical magic in October, it is about witches after all.  This was a nice light and easy read, nothing too mind bending.  However this will probably be one of the few times I will say this, I enjoyed the movie better.
This is about the Owen's sisters Frances and Jet, Sally and Gillian, Antonia and Kylie.  The aunts (Frances and Jet) take in Sally and Gillian after their parents die and raise the girls.  However Sally and Gillian are most unappreciative of Aunts, and get out as soon as they can.  Gillian much quicker than Sally.  Sally has a two girls Antonia and Kylie who she takes away from the aunts home and attempts to raise them as normal girls.  Then one stormy night Gillian shows up with a dead boyfriend and the aunts are called back when things get to rough.  At the end all the generations are getting along and it is one big happy family.
Can we say bleh.  The characters in this book just seemed a little flat to me, the aunts were barely developed, and there was way more focus on the Antonia and Kylie's relationship that I was expecting.  And it seemed the characters didn't stay in character, for example Sally agreeing to bury Jimmy in her backyard for Gillian.  Sally is supposed to be this uber responsible person and she doesn't bat an eye at burying a dead guy...I don't think so.  Gillian is a selfish brat and she does stay that way pretty well through the book so that is good.  Sally's girls were much older than in the movie and so had a chance to much more developed, but I think that cost the Aunts.  The Aunts were the characters I really wanted to know about and they seemed to just be after thoughts.  There was way too much sibling rivalry and even generational rivalry.  It didn't seem as magical to me.  I mean there were moments and elements, but it just seemed more practical I guess, hence the name.  
Don't get me wrong, I liked but the movie is one of my favorites and I guess I just had higher expectations.

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