Sunday, April 12, 2015

Wizards First Rule by Terry Goodkind (Read 3/3 to 3/26)

This is the follow up book the Debt of Bones read in BOTM. There is a world divided evil magic, good magic, and no magic.  The boundaries between evil and good magic is destroyed, a war ensues.  Someone from the land of magic must flee to the land of no-magic, i.e. the Westlands, to find a wizard and a legendary hero to save the world of good magic, i.e. the Midlands, from the ruler of bad magic, i.e D'Hara.  Does that sound exciting?  Does it make you want to pick up the book and start down the path of the Sword of Truth series.  I agree.  This is a great first book, and I highly recommend reading it.  I love the characters and the story line, the end has a great set up for the next book, which is both great and not so great for me.  Because once you have read this book, you know the underlying plot for every book remaining in the series, so there is no real need to finish reading them. Richard loves Kahlan, and Kahlan loves Richard, but boohoo they can never be together so tragic, oh look they almost messed thing up, but now they have fixed them blah blah blah. But don't let the fact that the rest of the series sucks turn you off from this book, and some people even like the repeating story line in the sequels.  I really like this book, I really enjoy the read and the characters, there is no character I say I wish was not written into the story.  I love Zedd, and his zaniness.     The writing is solid, there is just enough detail to set up the world in your minds eye, but not so much that you imagination is hog-tied.  The characters are likable and deep enough to be believable.  And I admit the first time I read this series I couldn't wait to start the next one, and I went about 4 or 5 books in before giving up. Take this book as a great first book and love it for that, because it deserves it.

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