Thursday, April 24, 2014

The Wasteland (Dark Tower #3) by Stephen King (3/18-4/5)

The wastelandNext up in the BOTM reading is The Wastelands.  This continues the story after Roland pulls Eddie and Susannah through the doors.   But now Roland is going mad because he save Jake.   I love that King didn't ignore the paradox Jake's death created.  That paradox is a main part of the story line not just for Roland, but for Jake too.  The drawing of the actual third is Jake, not jack…maybe that is why the names were so close. 

My Favorite character of the whole series is Oy. I couldn't wait for him to show up.  He is just so adorable and smart and funny, the most lovable character of the whole series in my mind.  I guess it helps that I am such a dog lover, but Billy Bumblers are better than dogs and I really want one.

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