Sunday, June 3, 2012

A Lion Among Men by Gregory Maguire

A Lion Among men
This is the third book in the Oz trilogy.  In this book the Cowardly Lion is interviewing Mother Yackle regarding Elphaba and Liir, and during the interview we find out more about the Lion’s life.  And finally we find out what happened to Nor.  This book still leaves a great many mysteries unresolved.  Some mysteries are solved and/or clarified but if I told you which ones I would spoil all the fun.  A Lion Among Men was a more difficult read for me, the storyline seemed less cohesive then the first two books.  The storyline jumped between the Lion’s story, Mother Yackle’s story, and Nor’s story in such a way that the entire book seem disjointed.  The jumps sometimes were too abrupt and did not allow for a good flow.  I was glad to know the backgrounds of the characters and it made some events in the first two books clear, but it made it hard to read and follow too.  In the end there were still a great many things left unresolved hopefully Out of Oz will finally answer all my questions.  It seems to me in this book that Maguire has lost some of his story telling mojo.

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