Tuesday, April 24, 2012


I am a prolific reader and I have decided that it would be fun to review the books that I read, I thought about keeping a reading journal, and I do have a notebook I jot things down in as I read, but what I really have always dreamed of is to be a book reviewer, and as I have no idea how to get paid to read.  I have decided that I can still review books, I just have to do it on my own dime.  So here is my opportunity. I initially tried to blog about my family life and life as an accountant and I love my family, but I found the blogging dull and it just petered out.  But as I love to read and to talk about books I am hoping that this is an outlet that will allow me to do that.  I don’t know that anyone would read this blog, but at least I am following a dream.  So let the adventure begin.

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